Surge Mastercard® Review: Rebuilding Credit

Surge Mastercard® is one of the easiest credit cards to apply for and get accepted. This card is designed to help out individuals with bad credit. If you are considering applying for the Surge Mastercard®, here are some of the things you should be aware of.

What makes Surge Mastercard® ideal for enhancing credit score:

  1. The bank offers a pre-qualification process. This process is crucial for people who already have a low credit score and cannot afford another hard inquiry on their credit report. The bank pre-scans your profile to check your eligibility for their credit card. Once the bank approves you in the pre-qualification process, it usually means you are a great candidate for the credit card. You can then comfortably apply for the Surge Mastercard®.
  2. One of the best things about this card is the credit limit offered. Based on your credit score, you can be approved for a limit of anywhere from $300 to $1000. This is great because this will give you the opportunity to pay off your debts in small increments, quicker.
  3. The bank reports to all three major credit bureaus. As you make your payments on time and use your credit card responsibly, it will be reflected in your credit reports immediately monthly. This is great because the incremental change in your credit score can start to have a positive impact on your financial health,
  4. The bank also incentivizes individuals who have great discipline with their credit card use and on-time payments. If your spending and repayment habits are great, you can double your credit limit within 6 months all the way up to $2000. Surge Mastercard® rewards its clients for their responsibility and trustworthiness.
  5. Surge Mastercard® comes with an insurance program. This is ideal for all the clients’ peace of mind. The insurance comes through the Mastercard® Zero liability protection. You will be protected against any identity theft and fraudulent activities on your card. You will simply need to contact the bank and they will launch an investigation and soon refund you the transaction.
  6. This may be worth noting that Surge Mastercard® will be accepted at any location worldwide where Mastercard® is accepted. This also gives you the freedom to travel without hesitation and restriction on funds.


After looking at all the benefits of the Surge Mastercard®, this card is essentially great for individuals who are looking to improve their credit score. Many of the credit cards in the bad credit score category do not even report to the credit bureaus. This feature should be on top of the list because you want the credit agencies to know your spending habits are improving and you are paying back on time.

As your credit score goes up, you will be eligible for better credit cards that have a higher credit limit, favorable interest rates, and great rewards programs such as cashback or points.

To know that you already pre-qualify for Surge Mastercard® before applying takes away the hesitation from the application process. You will know that you are most likely going to get the credit card because the pre-qualification is the indication that you are an eligible candidate for the credit card.

After doing some research, we conclude that Surge Mastercard® is one of the easiest cards to get approved for with great introductory benefits.