Privacy Policy

The day the idea for the website of was put forth it was decided that an official statement stating in detail all the action the legalities, terms, rules and policies must be made accessible to the users because this is what they are going to abide by. All the policies, rules and legal repercussions stated in this document will strictly be followed by the team of when it comes to protecting, preserving and safeguarding the personal data of users that is collected when they choose to visit the official website and these rules will hold true in whatever circumstances presented.

In perspective of the sensitivity and confidentiality of the user personal information that chooses to collect or assemble from their users with their own discretion, it becomes equally imperative to safeguard all kinds of personally identifying data against any digital theft, loss or destruction. Hence the official team of has laid down a strict set of policies and rules that will be implemented in all cases for the extreme protection of every kind of personally identifying data that the user chooses to share with the official website of while availing the service of the official website.

The following pointers stated will be implemented and followed by the official platform of and inform in complete detail every rule, policy, legal term or additional terms that will strictly be implemented to protect all personally identifying date or any potentially personally-identifying data which is assembled from every visitor or user only when the user or visitor chooses to give their consent in digital form before sharing their information. We strictly advise every visitor especially all new users to go through the list of the following terms, policies, and rules when making a use of service from the official website of

  • When you decide and choose to make use of the services of you will come to know that there will be events, circumstances, and areas where website will require you to share your personally identifying or potentially personally-identifying details however prior to this the user or visitor will be informed in complete detail of all the purposes, reasons and intents for which a specific type of personal data is being asked to share by the user.
  • official team will only ask a particular user or a group of users to state their personally identifying or potentially personally-identifying details if there is a justified, legal and logical purpose for the information to be collected, and when the required information is successfully gathered it will only be utilized to complete the purposes, intents, and reasons which were stated in front of the user on their screen when the information was being demanded from the user in the first place. It can also be used to cater to any other legal reason but even in such a case the officials from will first ask and get the permission of the particular visitor or user or the will go forth as the law states which can be applied in this case.
  • platform will require the user personal details or potentially personal identifying details for a stipulated time which would be a specific period that the information viably serves the purpose for which it was gathered at the time of its assembly from the user or visitor of
  • The official team of the website of will ask its users or visitors to state or give their personal data or potentially personal details only when the same team of has attained a legal reason (s) or purpose (s) to have this information from the user and again only when the user or visitor has given their discretion on it.
  • fully upholds its complete responsibility and liability to protect safeguard and preserve all the confidential details of their visitors or users against any access that is unauthorized or potentially unauthorized or against misuse of this information in any form.
  • The official team will at all points in time will show and provide this statement of rules and terms under the heading of “Privacy Policy” that too in its updated form and will be applied on all users or visitors without any biases at all points in time.
  • operates its applications and softwares by taking assistance from any third party advertisement sites which use items like web beacons and cookies to operate which in turn allows them to have access to user information such as type of browser that users use, Internet Service Provider that gives them internet access to visit the official website of

Every member of the official team of has devoted all their resources to perform their business online by adhering to the legally applied rules and regulations when it comes to the collection and preservation of user personally identifying data.